Roadmap – Coming Dec 1!

THE “I’m too busy to stop and ask for directions” COURSE


Create a vision for where you’re headed. When you have a destination in mind, EVERYTHING becomes easier. You’re able to make clear decisions, use your time wisely, chase the right opportunities and stop spinning your wheels.

Having direction is critical, but creating a full-blown business plan can bog you down before you even begin. A business roadmap is the best of both worlds. You’ll get clarity on where you’re going, gain momentum and maintain the flexibility you need to pivot and grow.

This is great for single-person businesses or for those with a contractor or two, but might not be the best idea if you need a formal business plan for funding through investors, hiring a big team or getting a big piece of real estate.

Module Overview

Each of the following modules can be completed in about an hour.

1 - Create your vision
2 - SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats) analysis
3 - Audience / Community
4 - Small business superpower
5 - Mission / Vision / Values / Why
6 - Minimum viable product
7 - Create your personalized, measurable CEO system

What does this course include?

1 - A video lesson for each module.
2 - PDF workbook to help you go through the exercises on your own.
3 - Access to our private facebook group! Inside, you’ll get help, support & encouragement!
4 - Lifetime access…your course never expires!

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Roadmap Course Collaborators

We partner with industry leaders to give you the best education possible. Not only are they high level coaches, but every collaborator is also a business owner, so they know the ropes!