Legal – Coming Dec 1!

the “What to do when you have an ‘oh shit’ moment” course


Any successful business owner will tell you that there was probably a time when they “really should have gotten a contract for that.” We all have panic-y moments where you’re suddenly confronted with a disagreement, miscommunication or mistake.

Let me tell ya…take this course BEFORE that happens. Learn how to get support, protect your assets and resolve conflict like a (really loving, boundary-setting, mega badass) boss.

Module Overview

Each of the following modules can be completed in about an hour.

1 - Risk (mistakes happen!)
2 - What types of lawyers are there and what do they do?
3 - Business formation
4 - Intellectual property
5 - Contracts & agreements
6 - How to have difficult conversations
6 - Insurance
7 - Create your personalized, proactive legal game plan

What does this course include?

1 - A video lesson for each module.
2 - PDF workbook to help you go through the exercises on your own.
3 - Access to our private facebook group! Inside, you’ll get help, support & encouragement!
4 - Lifetime access…your course never expires!

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Legal Course Collaborators

We partner with industry leaders to give you the best education possible. Not only are they legal experts, but every collaborator is also a business owner, so they know the ropes!