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Learn how to start a business in your state

This is your guide to legit business set up (without the whole “OMG I’m going to burn the Internet to the ground” thing).

Get a simple rundown of what’s needed to start & maintain a small business in your state.


FREE “Get your ducks in a row” workbook!

Paperwork, planning, money & marketing ... there's a lot to think about when starting a small biz! Make sure you don’t miss any of the 7 key steps to legit business ownership!


15% of each sale helps teen entrepreneurs!

We’ve partnered with WIT - Whatever It Takes. They provide the only 6 unit college credit social entrepreneur & leadership program for high school teens in the country and host teen-only hackathons around the US. Most importantly they give teens an opportunity to been seen and heard, and a place to grow their big ideas.



Courses created by small business owners, for small business owners

Visioning mini-course - $37


Create a vision for where you’re headed. When you have a destination in mind, EVERYTHING becomes easier. You’re able to make clear decisions, use your time wisely, chase the right opportunities and stop spinning your wheels.

Roadmap course - $97

THE “I’m too busy to stop and ask for directions” COURSE

Having direction is critical, but creating a full-blown business plan bogs you down before you even begin. A business roadmap is the best of both worlds. You’ll get clarity on where you’re going, gain momentum and maintain the flexibility you need to pivot and grow.


Money - Coming Sept 1!

THE “money is weird and I don’t want to be broke” COURSE

Money can be really freaking hard! How do you “charge what you’re worth?” How do you pay yourself a decent wage? What’s the best system for budgeting, bookkeeping or paying taxes? Gain confidence in your financial systems and strategies.