Making sense of small business ownership

DESIGNED TO SAVE YOU TIME - We’re built by small business owners, for small business owners who don’t want to spend hours piecing together stuff from the Internet. You can do our courses on your own time and check in when you need to.

SIMPLE PRICING - With the exception of Visioning, all courses are $97 and don’t ever expire. If you want “super duper” access to all current & future courses, $597 gets you in.


Visioning mini-course - $37


Create a vision for where you’re headed. When you have a destination in mind, EVERYTHING becomes easier. You’re able to make clear decisions, use your time wisely, chase the right opportunities and stop spinning your wheels.

Roadmap course - $97

THE “I’m too busy to stop and ask for directions” COURSE

Having direction is critical, but creating a full-blown business plan bogs you down before you even begin. A business roadmap is the best of both worlds. You’ll get clarity on where you’re going, gain momentum and maintain the flexibility you need to pivot and grow.

Money - Coming Sept 1!

The “money is weird and I don’t want to be broke” course

Money can be really freaking hard! How do you “charge what you’re worth?” How do you pay yourself a decent wage? What’s the best system for budgeting, bookkeeping or paying taxes? Gain confidence in your financial systems and strategies.


Systems - Coming Oct 1!

The “this is the difference between a business and a hobby” course

Systems are what turn dreams into dollars and ideas into scalable, sustainable businesses. You’ll build out systems for each area of your business and create a game plan for automating the whole thing so that you can spend more time doing what you love and less time on soul-sucking drudgery.

Branding - Coming Nov 1!

The “I’m kinda having an identity crisis here” course

Getting really clear on what you stand for and how to share that is critical to small business success. Connect with your people through a framework of integrity and mega, earth-shattering empathy. And, well, grow a business while you’re at it.

Marketing - Coming Dec 1!

The “how do i find people to buy my stuff and not be a sleazebag?” course

The whole “if you build it, they will come” notion rarely works in business. The key to small business marketing is creating something you CAN’T WAIT to talk about. Once you’re clear about “what” you’re marketing, you’ll systematically choose “how” and “where” to spread the word. We’ll put it all into a scalable system that runs on autopilot.


Content - Coming Jan 1!

The “blogging, social media, emails, OH MY!” course

This course offers a marketing system based on a combination of radical empathy and nerdy math. You’ll figure out which content channels most excite you, learn how various channels work together and come up with strategies and systems that are efficient and sustainable.

Legal - Coming Feb 1!


We all have panic-y moments where you’re suddenly confronted with a disagreement, miscommunication or mistake. Let me tell ya…take this course BEFORE that happens. Learn how to get support, protect your assets and resolve conflict like a (really loving, boundary-setting, mega badass) boss.

What else you wanna learn?

Is there something that baffles you about small business ownership? Let me know what I can help you with! I’d be happy to expand our course offerings to include more of what ya need!

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