Content – Coming Jan 1!



Content marketing is here to stay. And it can work gloriously well for heart driven business owners because it’s built on a foundation of service. This course offers a marketing system based on a combination of radical empathy and nerdy math.

You’ll figure out which content channels most excite you, learn how various channels work together and come up with strategies and systems that are efficient and sustainable.

Module Overview

Each of the following modules can be completed in about an hour.

1 - Serve, serve, serve, ask
2 - Blogging / vlogging / podcasting
3 - Social media
4 - Email Basics
5 - Newsletters
6 - Welcome flow
7 - Sales funnels / Lead Magnets
8 - Building an integrated strategy
9 - Batch work
10 - Content calendar

What does this course include?

1 - A video lesson for each module.
2 - PDF workbook to help you go through the exercises on your own.
3 - Access to our private facebook group! Inside, you’ll get help, support & encouragement!