Yasmine Salem Hamdan


Managing Attorney & Counselor at Law

Let’s be honest, it’s so easy to become overwhelmed in the process of launching your brand. From developing your product/service, choosing the right name, securing your social media handles, and becoming visible, it’s easy to forget or quickly push aside the importance of protecting your legal assets. Let’s be clear: Intellectual Property is KING in the online business world. And there’s no worse feeling than to work so diligently on your business, investing time, money, and energy only to soon realize that someone else already has your “perfect” business name and that you’re the infringer. Now you find yourself having to rebrand…that’s if you aren’t dealing with an infringement lawsuit. Or, imagine that gut-wrenching feeling of finding out that someone has carbon-copied your exact brand? Not a fun time.

I’m here to help you avoid that!

Whether you’re in the imagination stage or years into your business, I am here to help entrepreneurs like you safeguard your business & brand through federal trademark protection.

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