Branding – Coming Nov 1!

The “I’m kinda having an identity crisis here” course


There’s a lot of talk these days about branding, personal brands, and visual identity. We’ll break down what all of that means and clear the way for your own brand to cut through the Internet’s clutter. Getting really clear on what you stand for and how to share that is critical to small business success.

Connect with your people through a framework of integrity and mega, earth-shattering empathy. And, well, grow a business while you’re at it.

Module Overview

Each of the following modules can be completed in about an hour.

1 - WTF is a brand?
2 - Storytelling
3 - Generosity
4 - Visual identity
5 - Tone of voice (6 simple copywriting rules)
6 - Headlines
7 - “The medium is the message”

What does this course include?

1 - A video lesson for each module.
2 - PDF workbook to help you go through the exercises on your own.
3 - Access to our private facebook group! Inside, you’ll get help, support & encouragement!