What’s your small biz super power?


Behind every small business owner is a unique story. And that story is the key to creating your website’s soulful strategy. It’s the key to marketing your big idea in a genuine, helpful, non-sleazy way. That story is POWER!

I’ve noticed that many heart-driven sidehustlers and small business owners find themselves doing work that fulfills a deeply rooted need within themselves. It’s been a topic of deep conversation with several of my small biz owner friends. It’s been central to working with clients. And personally, I find it extremely true for my own journey.

As a child, I was awkward, nerdy and clumsy. At least that was how I thought of myself. I chose to distance myself from anything physical, and consequently became extremely disassociated from my body. I pursued all things intellectual and eventually landed myself a rocking advertising career. Fast-forward to now, I‘ve transitioned into my soul’s work and full-time small business ownership teaching movement. I give introverts a safe space to explore moving their body. It makes TOTAL sense. It didn’t happen intentionally, but when I look back on my story, I can see clearly why I do what I do.

What does that look like for you? Maybe you teach because you once felt lost. Maybe you style hair or clothes because you once felt powerless or invisible. Maybe you create art because art has helped you express what’s been inexpressible. Let’s dive in!   


What has led you to this point? 

Take a few moments to think about your own journey. How has it shaped you and the work your doing? Open your journal or a new google doc and start writing about your work, what get’s you up in the morning, what’s worthy of your time, and what drives you. Think back over your life to find relevant moments that brought you to this exact place. Why this? Why now? Why you?


What’s your super power? 

Super powers and credentials are two different things, my friend. Anyone can obtain credentials, but super powers come from DEEP within.

In my own story, the reason I’m uniquely equipped to teach movement to introverts is because I understand, with every cell in my body, how terrifying and weird movement can be to someone who’s never done it. My super power is having mega empathy for introverts who want to explore fitness for the first time. Sure, I also need credentials, but that’s never what I’m marketing. I’m marketing a quiet, connected, safe fitness experience where people are seen and listened to. 

Now it’s your turn to define your super power! If you already know what it is, AMAZING! If you’re struggling, get back into your journal or google doc and just keep writing. Keep writing until it comes...and it will. If you’re really stuck, talk to a friend, accountability buddy or mastermind group. It may be the type of thing that needs an outside perspective. 

Once you’ve defined it, write it down! Shout it from the digital rooftops! And most importantly...let me know what it is! I want to celebrate you! Post in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!