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Give your website a job! 4 ways to save time & earn more money.

I hear this all the time. “I’ve created a what?” If your website isn’t serving a very specific purpose (saving your time, earning you money, getting your name out, etc.), it’s time to change things up! Let’s do a check-in to make sure your site is serving the health and heart of your business...not just taking up digital space.

Here are a few “jobs” you could assign your site. Once you identify WHY your site exists, you’ll be able to define specifically how to measure it’s performance.

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Choosing a website platform for your small business

With so many website platforms to choose from, it can be overwhelming. I feel like a kid in a toy store with $5 and no idea where to start. There’s Squarespace, Shopify, Wordpress and more.

We often ask “which website platform is best?” But let’s talk about which is best for YOUR particular business and YOU as a human making this thing. There are a couple of different types of platforms. First, we’ll go over the basics, and then you’ll be able to see a comparison of features in the chart below.

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