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Accountability makes all the difference between quitting and success. There are three types of accountability I use to stay on task in my small business. Accountability to self, a mentor and peers. When you hold yourself accountable on multiple levels, it’s REALLY hard to fail. Having layers of accountability helps me see plans through to completion and keeps me grounded. And most often, the things I create are MUCH better than anything I could do solo.

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Creating a brand moodboard (plus 4 examples)

Knowing how you want your site to look and feel is a key step in creating your website. If you're in the course, you know that part of your design homework is to create a moodboard for your site. Mood boards are a great way for you to zero in on the look and feel you want to create. It’s a fantastic way to gather tons of visual elements and get a sense of how your brand and site will ultimately feel as a whole. 

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