My favorite plug-ins for small businesses (by category)

If a website isn’t saving you time or money, it isn’t working. Your site should fulfill a specific, measurable purpose. Choosing the right tools to streamline and automate tasks can make the difference between stress/overwhelm and a profound sense of ease doing what you love.

I’ve included some of my favorite plugins below, as well as a few apps to improve productivity and enhance communication.

I only recommend what I believe in. I use all of the apps below for my fitness business, the 1 Month Website Academy, or on various design projects. 



I use Acuity to schedule sessions and manage subscriptions for my fitness business (yep, in addition to creating the Academy, I own a studio). I love that my clients and other teachers can book, reschedule and cancel their own appointments. MEGA BONUS…there’s no awkward cancelation policy conversation!

Email list building


Mailchimp has been my favorite email list manager since around 2008 and haven’t looked back. When I was in advertising, I recommended them to every client. They’re consistently looking for ways to improve their platform and their customer service is unbelievable.


I love the way that Acuity manages both subscriptions and appointments for my fitness clients.


Memberspace, which we use for the 1 Month Website Academy, is great for automatically serving your customers with paid content on regular intervals.


And Square is wonderful when you just need the basics.



Google Analytics is pretty much essential for all businesses, large and small. This free service provides you with a ton of data about who’s visiting your site, how they’re finding you, how long they’re hanging out and what pages are performing best. Having that info helps you know what’s working and how to spend your precious time.

Member-only content

Memberspace is a Squarespace plugin that allows you to limit your content to those who pay for it. This is a fabulous way to create courses, sell digital downloads or or create challenges.


While the following aren’t technically plugins, I couldn’t resist adding them to the mix since they’ve been hugely helpful in streamlining my business.


G Suite (email, Drive, etc.) have helped me maximize my time by allowing me to work while traveling, speeding up collaboration and keeping things organized.


Trello is amazing for list-building and keeping track of how projects/tasks are organized.


Slack makes communication with team members really easy and helps me avoid the email/text message black hole.

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