Give your website a job! 4 ways to save time & earn more money.

I hear this all the time. “I’ve created a what?” If your website isn’t serving a very specific purpose (saving your time, earning you money, getting your name out, etc.), it’s time to change things up! Let’s do a check-in to make sure your site is serving the health and heart of your business...not just taking up digital space.

Here are a few “jobs” you could assign your site. Once you identify WHY your site exists, you’ll be able to define specifically how to measure it’s performance.

4 ways your website could hustle harder (so you don’t have to)

1. Operations

Is there a part of your biz that’s a huge time suck or a source of tension? Do you spend hours each week manually scheduling appointments, keeping track of payments/invoices or making trips to the post office?

Is there a part of your daily operations that, if automated, could save you time, money or stress? If so, put it on autopilot! There are apps, plugins and payment processors that can do a ton of the heavy lifting for you! Here are a few things to think about streamlining.

  • Scheduling - If you spend time coordinating schedules with clients and managing meetings, it may make sense to automate your calendar by allowing clients to book, cancel or edit their appointments. Automating your schedule can also take some of the headache out of enforcing cancellation policies.

  • Online payments - Taking payments can feel extremely awkward for many small business owners and entrepreneurs. Let’s face it…it still has to happen. But what if you were able to remove yourself from the process? For my fitness business, I now have all of my clients on an online monthly membership so that I don’t have to consistently have awkward financial conversations. Now I can focus solely on coaching!

  • Onboarding (processes, contracts, documents, waivers, etc.) - If there’s a form, waiver, etc. that you’d like prospective clients to complete prior to working together, have them fill it out online. Save paper, time and the hassle of keeping up with old paperwork!

  • Hiring - If you’re consistently telling people about a new position in your company, answering 100 questions about expectations, requirements, etc., put that information on your website. You could also allow people to apply online to save time and money vetting potential hires.

  • Inventory/shipping - If you have post-its and excel spreadsheets to track inventory, orders, etc., there’s a better way to do it. Most website platforms have easy options for managing your sales process.

  • Customer service - If you frequently get the same questions about your product or service, clarify that information on your site! Add an FAQ page or be more clear on your products/services page. If there’s a point of confusion for most of your audience, that’s really helpful for you as a business owner! How can you offer clarity and set clearer expectations for your people? 

2. Sales

Want to increase your income? We live in a world that is full of opportunities to make money online. Heck, this website you’re on right now is helping me generate some much-needed income to pay for unexpected, overwhelming medical bills (maybe I should write about transparency next).

Want people to book a consult with you? Buy your product? Attend your event? If the goal of your website is to increase sales, you can intentionally structure the flow of your site to convert casual users into paying customers. In the 1 Month Website Academy course, we talk about the classic “know, like, trust” model for guiding users through a sales experience that’s authentic and feels good. So many times we think of sales as pushy or robotic, but being generous, building trust and offering something of real value can ultimately create a ton of revenue for you and your business.

3. Awareness

Are you struggling to be visible? To claim your space in the marketplace? Are people having a tough time finding you? Use your site to spread awareness, increase conversation and connect with your audience.

To use your site as an awareness-increasing machine, be mega generous and publish content that people can’t wait to share. Offer real value to your visitors. That value can come in the form of information, entertainment, connection, support, etc. When your audience feels good, they’ll naturally want to tell others.

4. Creative Outlet

The French use the phrase “mise en place,” which means that everything is in its place prior to cooking. When the ingredients are prepped and you have a clean kitchen, the cooking itself is fun and efficient. In many ways, the same thing applies to the creative process. I’m definitely a “clean desk” kind of writer. If my desk is clear, so is my mind, and I have no trouble writing. If there’s a ton of clutter and no clear next step, I really struggle.

Having a website, a platform, to publish what you create can give you some direction. It gives you a place to start, a way in. You’re no longer fumbling through journals or opening another google doc. It’s a ritualized creative experience. Just having a space or framework for the creative process can unleash desire and motivation to create. It generates creative momentum.

Experimenting with your website

What do you want to accomplish? How will you test it to be sure it’s working? Set very clear success metrics and a timeframe so that you know exactly what’s working and what’s not. Want to streamline a process? Track how much time you’re spending on that task each week for the next quarter. Want to increase awareness? Track the number of unique visitors to your site over the next 90 days.

As with any goal or experiment, it’s important to focus on one thing at a time and set clear intentions. I would highly recommend choosing one “job” at first. Once that’s running smoothly, add on! The beautiful thing about working in the digital space is that you can always make changes as you learn and grow.