Creating a brand moodboard (plus 4 examples)

Knowing how you want your site to look and feel is a key step in creating your website. If you're in the course, you know that part of your design homework is to create a moodboard for your site. Mood boards are a great way for you to zero in on the look and feel you want to create. It’s a fantastic way to gather tons of visual elements and get a sense of how your brand and site will ultimately feel as a whole. 

I love using Pinterest to create my moodboards. There are so many great images at your fingertips that it makes piecing things together really efficient. You could also save images to a folder on your desktop or phone, or you may go the oldschool route and clip images from magazines to make a collage.

For the sake of this post, I'm going to use Pinterest as an example, but I'm sure you'll see how to make it your own.

How to create a board

Step 1: Pin everything that may feel like your brand

Your moodboards can contain images of ANYTHING that feels like your brand. Really, nothing is off limits. I like to include images of interior design, fashion, destinations, logos, business stationery, people's expressions, packaging and more. For now, go wild and pin everything possible related to your brand. It may even be helpful to set a 30 min timer so you can get lost in the pinning process...but also have a way to come back to earth :)

Step 2: Is there a theme?

Step back and look at your board as a whole. Is the mood generally bright and upbeat? Or is it more serious and traditional? Is it light or dark? Is it earthy or modern? Is get the idea.

Step 3: Clean it up

Start to identify the images that you feel anchor this theme, the ones that are more-or-less on-brand and those that are a bit off. Delete what doesn't fit well into the overall message and keep only the really good stuff that helps paint a cohesive picture. I like to have about 10-20 quality images max in any given moodboard. This helps really get to the heart of it.

4 Example moodboards

If you're not sure where to start, I've created a couple of examples for you to check out. They're each listed below, or you can visit Pinterest for the full list (I'm sure I'll be adding more!)

1. Earthy & Natural


2. Clean & Modern

3. Soft & Feminine

4. Playful & Bold


Share your moodboard!

Leave a link to your moodboard in the comments! I'd love to see it and we could all use a little more inspirations!