5 Reasons I love Bootstrapping

There are many ways to fund a new business venture – attract investors, small business loans, SBA loans, crowdfunding, help from family/friends, venture capital, bootstrapping, etc. They all have pros and cons. The myth that you’ll need tens of thousands of dollars laying around to start a business simply isn’t true. In fact, NOT having that capital at the ready can be a huge benefit for the right entrepreneur. For me, bootstrapping has been a scrappy, creative, sustainable way to enter into business ownership.

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Systems thinking: the linchpin for business owners & entrepreneurs

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you’ve spent a day getting jack shit done? Do you struggle with knowing which marketing tactic is the “right” one? If you’re aimlessly flinging it all against the wall hoping something will stick, you’re doing it wrong.

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10 Google Fonts type combos we love

Here’s your ultimate cheat sheet for choosing a clean, timeless, readable (& free!) Google Fonts typeface combination for your website or design project.

If you’ve ever scanned through a list of typefaces and thought, “I’m just not good at this” or “how do I pick the perfect one?” save yourself some time and energy by using one of our designer approved combinations!

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What’s your small biz super power?

Behind every small business owner is a unique story. And that story is the key to creating your website’s soulful strategy. It’s the key to marketing your big idea in a genuine, helpful, non-sleazy way. That story is POWER!

I’ve noticed that many heart-driven sidehustlers and small business owners find themselves doing work that fulfills a deeply rooted need within themselves. It’s been a topic of deep conversation with several of my small biz owner friends. It’s been central to working with clients. And personally, I find it extremely true for my own journey.

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Give your website a job! 4 ways to save time & earn more money.

I hear this all the time. “I’ve created a website...now what?” If your website isn’t serving a very specific purpose (saving your time, earning you money, getting your name out, etc.), it’s time to change things up! Let’s do a check-in to make sure your site is serving the health and heart of your business...not just taking up digital space.

Here are a few “jobs” you could assign your site. Once you identify WHY your site exists, you’ll be able to define specifically how to measure it’s performance.

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Accountability makes all the difference between quitting and success. There are three types of accountability I use to stay on task in my small business. Accountability to self, a mentor and peers. When you hold yourself accountable on multiple levels, it’s REALLY hard to fail. Having layers of accountability helps me see plans through to completion and keeps me grounded. And most often, the things I create are MUCH better than anything I could do solo.

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Creating a brand moodboard (plus 4 examples)

Knowing how you want your site to look and feel is a key step in creating your website. If you're in the course, you know that part of your design homework is to create a moodboard for your site. Mood boards are a great way for you to zero in on the look and feel you want to create. It’s a fantastic way to gather tons of visual elements and get a sense of how your brand and site will ultimately feel as a whole. 

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Choosing a website platform for your small business

With so many website platforms to choose from, it can be overwhelming. There’s Squarespace, Shopify, Wordpress and more.

New business owners often ask “which website platform is best?” But let’s talk about which is best for YOUR particular business and YOU as a human making this thing. There are a couple of different types of platforms. First, we’ll go over the basics, and then you’ll be able to see a comparison of features in the chart below.

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