Hi. I'm Tess.

You don’t know it yet, but I’m going to be your biggest cheerleader.

It’s not just for your sake either. I have skin in this game. I’m trying to rid myself of some karmic baggage.

For all of my twenties, I advertised fast food to busy people, cheap cosmetics to insecure people and alcohol to lonely people. I was part of the “the man.” I worked for some of the best advertising agencies and lived most people’s version of the American dream.

Buuuutttttt…my soul died.

About 5 years ago, I ever-so-subtly started to realize this. I was in NYC, worked way too much, didn’t really have any hobbies or friends, so I figured, “Why not take a yoga teacher training?” That sent me down a REALLY DEEP rabbit hole and I’m now the proud owner of a movement studio (small gym) and teach yoga & strength training full time.

I have a full client-load, work with people I adore, get paid time off and my weekends are play-time. A small business dream.

Now here’s the kicker…

As I started to come out of the new business owner fog, I realized that a lot of my friends (also business owners) where struggling. Like, reeealllly dealing with some hard questions. When I learned about their finances (or lack thereof), I was heartbroken…and then I got pissed. First at our culture. And then at myself for my participation in it.

The gap between what my old clients could afford and the extreme lack of resources available to new business owners became so obvious. Money begets money. Brokeness begets brokeness. And that fucking sucks.

I’m angry that small businesses suffer and ultimately close because they don’t have access to the talent and budgets that help large corporations thrive. I’m pissed at the imbalance. I’m sad that people can’t do the good work they’re called to because they simply don’t know how to make it happen or have the resources to get there.

And I’m irritated at the people taking advantage of it (like I probably would have done 7 or 8 years ago), posting articles like “5 easy tricks to getting 100 new clients!” and “increase your sales by 500% with no effort!” That shit drives me fucking bonkers!

I’m here to tell you that there’s no shortcut. There’s no quick fix.

But marketing IS teachable. When you roll up your sleeves and are willing to do the work, when you’re determined, generous and patient, success is inevitable.

Let’s create a damn revolution.

As a type-A person who loves a good project, I decided to get to work.

And that’s why I started this thing. I want to offer you what I’ve learned, break it down into actionable steps, offer some accountability, and rid myself of bad karma in the process. I want the weight of corporate greed off my back. Though I’ve developed a lot of compassion for my younger self, I now want to use my powers for good. I want to teach you what I learned behind the scenes in the ad industry that helped my small biz grow fast. I desperately want to see more small businesses kicking ass.