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Roadmap - Coming Dec 1!

THE “I’m too busy to stop and ask for directions” COURSE

Create a vision for where you’re headed. When you have a destination in mind, EVERYTHING becomes easier. You’re able to make clear decisions, use your time wisely, chase the right opportunities and stop spinning your wheels.

Legal - Coming Dec 1!


We all have panic-y moments where you’re suddenly confronted with a disagreement, miscommunication or mistake. Let me tell ya…take this course BEFORE that happens. Learn how to get support, protect your assets and resolve conflict like a (really loving, boundary-setting, mega badass) boss.

Money - Coming Dec 1!

THE “money is weird and I don’t want to be broke” COURSE

Money can be really freaking hard! How do you “charge what you’re worth?” How do you pay yourself a decent wage? What’s the best system for budgeting, bookkeeping or paying taxes? Gain confidence in your financial systems and strategies.